Art New Vision participated and won the competition of “Kamenica” AD for design of a multifunctional complex – “Kamenitza Brewery in early 2015. Authors of the project are Arch. Gabriela Djambazova arch. Pavel Ivanov, Arch. Dobromir Stankov and arch. Ivanka Prodanova.

Area: 3 500 m2, Plovdiv city


One of the leading ideas comes from the fact that drinking beer brings people together. It’s the occasion for old friends to see eachother, a reason for meeting new people, and pleasant emotions. For this purpose, the ground floor is completely open, and developed as a park with a lake, an amphitheater and playground, so that it is fully accessible to everyone. The area can be used for exhibitions, performances, film screenings, concerts and any social activities that bring people.
Our idea is Kamenitza Brewery to become an attractive cultural and entertainment center in the heart of the city, and preserve the spirit of the brewers who created the company in 1881, and weave it in a contemporary design.

Architectural solutions:

The brick stands out (basic building material in the past). Arches are used, standing on solid columns. The existing chimney – one of the symbols of the brewery has received an antique look by covering it in bricks. These architectural forms and materials from past era combined with lightweight, openwork glass facades and modern elements in the landscape. Water is present in the project as a reference to the spring around which the brewery was established – water areas were designed to run around the building and complement it.

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