Architecture of a Research institute

Area: 11 500 m2

Sofia city


The building of the morphological center combines the following sectors – Sector “Pathological anatomy” sector “Anatomy” sector “Forensic medicine”, check offices, administration, reception block, the necessary parking spaces and installations. Furthermore, a provision for a daily visit of 350 students in the education sector. In this kind of buildings, the function is of paramount role. Therefore, we approached inside out, as the final result was the decision of the facade as a modern shell of the strict function.

Architectural solutions:

In the architectural design we realized the project by combining different shapes and materials. Breaking glass volumes aim to create an object that can fit into the environment. Strong architectural decision is the green flat roof. The combination of open and closed spaces is entirely consistent with the functions of the building. The building contains several inner courtyards that provide natural lighting and ventilation on the premises who need them.

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