Five-star hotel with maximum luxury

Area: 13 500 m2,

Ognyanovo village


The building is a modern hotel with all facilities and requirements for a five star category, a large SPA and medical center. Located in a quiet and cozy place in the “Ognyanovo mineral baths” near the town of Gotse Delchev, in the picturesque valley of Kanina at an altitude of 540-600m at the foot of the Western Rhodopes. The area was declared a SPA resort with a specific microclimate associated with the flowering of natural acacia plants and the local air currents in the river valley. So we designed the building in as a SPA center with indoor and outdoor pools with use of the thermal mineral water.

Architectural solution:

The vision of the building is classical, with sophisticated design, in typical Mediterranean style, which helps the guests to feel the atmosphere of the French Riviera. The area of the valley, enhances this effect – The background is rocky with high cliffs as the Côte d’Azur.

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