Minimalism and modernism

Area: 5 000 m2,

Dortmund, Germany


The architectural project comprises four existing buildings, with differentiated new internal covered atrium. Following the assignment of the investor we designed a glass volume, which occupies the space between the buildings. This new volume covers the former patio and serves as a forum for public space to all existing zones. At one end is located the main entrance of the complex, and in the opposite part is differentiated an exit to the park space.

Architectural solution:

The project involves complete reconstruction and some rebuilding of existing buildings in the city of Dortmund, Germany. The work represents a complete overhaul of the functional distribution, as well as renovation of facades and replacement of sloping roofs with flat. The aim was to get a modern complex with a clean and minimalist design.


Haus Husen Преди - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 4Haus Husen - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 6
Haus Husen Преди - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 3Haus Husen - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 9
Haus Husen Преди - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 5Haus Husen - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 8
Haus Husen Преди - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 1Haus Husen - гр. Дортмунд, Германия 12
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