Hotel in the woods

Area: 12 200 m2

Velingrad city


This project is one of the won competitions by studio Art New Vision in 2015. Projects for reconstruction and rebuilding of old buildings are among the most serious and complex and require exceptional professionalism to manage the existing building, with all its functional and structural deficiencies and to combine with the new volumes so that the final product would have no compromises. This kind of objects have always been a great challenge for us because this is where you can demonstrate your creativity and turn an old wreck into a work of art.

Architectural solutions:

The hotel has a total gross floor area of 12,200 m2 and will contain different accommodation of guests – double rooms, studios and apartments, restaurant with terrace, piano bar, conference block, a modern SPA and various therapeutic procedures, indoor swimming pool, amusement pool, children’s pool and thermal pool – tipidarium and outdoor pools. The hotel will have a medical center with medical and rehabilitation room with cabins for physiotherapy and remedial gymnastics.
In the architectural design we decided we can use the concession of mineral water by absorbing the temperature of the hot spring of almost 50 degrees by heat pumps water-water. We planned solar collectors on the roof that will support domestic hot water. This will reduce power consumption and increase comfort in the premises. We set high quality insulation, windows and glass packages. The materials on the facade are natural stone, HPL facade and white mineral plaster. All this, in combination with energy-efficient systems will result in lower energy consumption.

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