Office only for leaders

Area: 60 m2

Sofia city


The design of the office of the owner of the law firm in downtown Sofia demanded to be extremely luxurious and representative. It is located on the top floor and naturally appears as the culmination of the overall development of the office building.

Architectural solutions:

The project has enabled us to develop an interior that combines the warmth of wood and modernity of modern technologies. The wooden blinds with electronic controls made possible the interior to be changed easily by the light that enters into it. The office door is a custom design project of MDF and black glass, electronically controlled – magnetic lock, opening at a signal from inside. At the far end of the room is a cabinet which houses a fridge for drinks, coffee maker and cabinets. For flooring is selected granite from the Spanish factory Apavisa – a combination of gray, neutral plate, glass linear profiles in black and yellow and natural parquet. The soffit corresponds to the surface, and consists of curved beams of MDF, concealed lighting and lighting type “moon” and directed lighting – spotlights. In partial suspended ceiling of plasterboard, provides space for the installation – air and strong and low voltage installations.

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Интериорно проектиране на еднофамилна сградаИнтериор офис Easy Credit 2, гр. София 1