Corporate office for successful firms

Area: 250 m2

Sofia city


The desire of the developer was to design luxurious office, which consists of several zones. One of the areas to be type open space, with a free set of job sites, others to be detached from the common area by forming separate offices, and design two finial bosses’ offices, one of which must be associated with a meeting room, recreation area and dining area – kitchen and the necessary sanitary facilities. The main emphasis in the rooms are glass partition windows that allow offices in depth to get even natural lighting.

Architectural solutions:

Our suggested solution was influenced by the resultant trend in late 2014 as the hexagon interior element. So we implanted this form in the interior, the resulting design together with skillful use of colors – in furniture, flooring and lighting acquired a soft and warm look. The “honeycomb” forms we used are close to nature and calming. The hexagon is present in the flooring, ceiling (forms of gypsum board and lighting), as well as the cladding on the walls and wood trims in the glass cases.

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