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Area: 180 m2



The five-star apartment hotel “Amira” stated ambitions to become one of the emblematic in Bansko, even during the design phase. The project is a reconstruction of an existing building into a hotel. The scope of the work was comprehensive solution to the interior of the building (reception and lobby bar, restaurant, spa, suites and common areas) and partial renovation of the facade (eaves, canopies, roofs, wooden cladding and facade lighting) and additional construction (main entrance and indoor pool).

Architectural solutions:

Style, comfort and individual treatment is the motto of the hotel, and this led us throughout the design process and implementation of this five star gem “Amira”. The feeling of comfort in the interior was a key requirement of the client. It obligated us to look for a modern vision with Alpine-like semblance. For that helped a hidden diffuse lighting, natural stone finishes, soft fabrics, the warmth of wood, eco leather, paintings and all the little details woven together.

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