Boutique building near the park

Area: 2 000 m2

Sofia city


To design a small boutique apartment building in South Park, located on a quiet street, with a prime location in the exclusive residential district of Lozenets, is a challenge. So we decided to use all the elements of the environment to create a project that invites residents to enjoy what they have.

Architectural solutions:

The building contains 7 spacious suites, three- and four-rooms. We bet on the functionality and designed well proportioned rooms, with wardrobes to the bedrooms, large bathrooms and closets. The rich landscaping was at the heart of the project. The facade of the building is designed with luxurious materials – HPL cladding and ventilating facade, silicate plaster in places and large glazing. Wrought iron on the balconies, a big visor and a luxurious lobby gives elegance and aristocracy.

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